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Question: How to choose a right cabin on a junk boat on Halong Bay?

Choosing a Halong Bay cruise cabin can be fun and challenging at the same time, and not just a little bit frustrating on occasion. Before booking your cabin on board, ask yourselves these questions:

Do you tend to get seasick?

Do you prefer to nest peaceably on your balcony rather than hangin' with the crowd around the bar area?

Conversely, is your idea of a stateroom simply a place to flop into bed at 1 a.m. -- no fancy notions necessary?

And do you, like me, tend to go just a little bit crazy if your bed faces aft when you know you're moving forward?

Despite the fact that some cruise lines present as many as 20 or more "categories" per ship, it's helpful to remember that there are essentially only four types of cabins on any cruise vessel:

Inside: no window, in an inside corridor

Outside: window or porthole with a view to the outside

Balcony: includes a verandah that allows you to step outside without going up to a public deck

Suite: a larger cabin, often with separate living and sleeping areas, and a wide variety of extra amenities and perks


Here are some examples for Halong Bay Cruise cabins:

The Au Co Cruise: there are 4 types of cabins, deluxe, grand deluxe, executive and suites.

The Paradise cruise: the are 3 types of cabins on board, including superior, deluxe and suite

The Bhaya Cruise: there are only 2 types of cabins on board: Deluxe and Suite

The Dragon Pearl Junk: there is even only one type of deluxe cabins

Features of boats in Halong

1. Ha Long Ginger: 10 cabins (08 Ginger room + 02 Ginger Dlx)

2. Jasmine Junk: 24 cabins (13 Jasmine Pre – 09 Jasmine Dlx – 02 Jasmine Suite)

3. Indochina Sails I: 14 cabins (10 Indochina Sup – 04 Indochina Dlx)

4. Indochina Sails II: 15 cabins (11 Indochina Sup – 04 Indochina Dlx)

5. Indochina Sails III: 15 cabins (11 Indochina Sup – 01 Indochina Dlx – 03 Indochina Suite)

6. Valentine Junk: 05 cabins (04 Valentine Dlx – 01 Valentine Suite)

7. Victory 01: 21 cabins (15 Victory Sup – 02 Victory Family connecting – 02 Victory Dlx)

8. Victory 02 & 04: 02 cabins (02 Victory Dlx)

9. Victory Star: 32 cabins (26 Victory Star Dlx – 03 Dlx Triple – 02 Suite – 01 President Suite)

10. Paradise Cruise I: 17 cabins (06 Paradise Sup – 09 Paradise Dlx – 02 Paradise Suite)

11. Paradise Cruise II: 17 cabins (06 Paradise Sup – 07 Paradise Dlx – 04 Paradise Suite)

12. Bhaya Cruise I, II, III: 20 cabins (16 Bhaya Dlx – 02 Bhaya Suite – 02 Bhaya Royal Suite)

13. HaLong Emotion boat: 28 cabins (22 Emotion Sup – 02 Emotion Suites – 02 Emotion Family)

14. Hai Long Dream 06: 14 cabins of a same category

15. Hai Long Dream 22: 08 cabins of a same category

16. Hai Long Dream 19: 06 cabins of a same category

17. Ha Long Green 15-QN 3825: 14 cabins of a same category

18. Ha Long Green: 09 cabins of of a same category

19. Hai Long VIP & Dolphin: 02 cabins

20. Series of Hai Long Green QN 4994 – 4995 – 4996 – 2477): 06 cabins

21. Seawind Cruise (Belong to Bien Ngoc Cruise): 11cabins same category

22. Pearly Sea Cruise (Belong to Bien Ngoc Cruise): 03 cabins of the same category

23. Prince Junk I: 02 DLX cabins (Charter only)- Prince Junk II: 04 DLX cabins (sharing 3D2N only)

24. Princess Junk I-II-III-IV: 01 DLX cabin (Charter only)

25. Red Dragon Junk I-II- III- IV: : 05 DLX cabins (Charter & Sharing)

26. Lagoon Explorer I: 03 DLX cabins

27. Lagoon Explorer II: 04 DLX cabins

28. Bai Tho Junks 38-39: 04 cabins same category

29. Bai Tho Junk 01-26: 06 cabins same category

30. Bai Tho Junk 02-04: 10 cabins same category

31. Bai Tho Junk 86: 18 cabins same category

32. Bai Tho Junk 32-34: 07 Dlx cabins same category

33. Huong Hai Junk 01: 06 Dlx cabins same category

34. Huong Hai Junk 16: 09 Dlx cabins same category

35. Huong Hai Junk 17: 07 Dlx cabins same category

36. Huong Hai Junk 25: 05 Dlx cabins same categroy

37. Huong Hai Junk 27: 05 Dlx cabins same category

38. Huong Hai Junk 34: 05 Dlx cabins same category

39. Huong Hai Junk 36: 07 Dlx cabins same category

40. Huong Hai Junk 52: 08 Dlx cabins same category

41. Huong Hai Junk 05: 05 Standard cabins same category

42. Annam Junk: 11 cabins (09 Annam Dlx – 02 Annam Suite)

43. Bai Tu Long Junk 89: 04 Dlx cabins same category

44. Bai Tu Long Junk 99: 09 Dlx cabins same category

45. Bai Tu Long Junk 69-79: 07 Dlx cabins same category

46. Emeraude Cruise: 38 cabins (36 Emeraude Dlx – 02 Emeraude Suite)
Our junk is small and cosy. It is not for the big group. It just accommodates small group of 8-12 people allowing maximum of flexibility and privacy. Our Junk boat is more personal and authentic.
Yes, we do have electricity supply aboard to ensure the light at all time and that the air con working properly. So you can use your gadget to support the flat battery.
Yes, It's quite safe. Halong Bay is calm and our selected junk boats are firm and big like a floating mini hotels. 24/7 service is always available for emergency situation. There are hundreds of junk boats are operating tours on the Halong Bay but we only select the best ones with good conditions for our customers.
There are few international standard hotels in Halong ranging from standard to deluxe class. They are all newly built and well- organized. See hotel list
All documentation is sent electronically by email. Shortly after we receive your booking form we will send you your trip documents (normally within 48 hours) which should be printed out by participants and retained as a receipt.
Tour guides are available every cruises. They will guide you while cruising.
The rates for all tours in this website are inclusive of tour guide service, you won't have to afford him/her meals and accommodation. Your guide will travel with you on the road, telling you more about Vietnam and helping you on the way. It is possible to book a tour without a guide so that you can keep the costs down.  For your safety, a guide is mandatory on all Travel Halong Bay "adventure" tours such as kayaking and biking
The “Amazing Cave” is a very touristy place. The rest of the trip we try to avoid other boats but at night we have to sleep in the same vicinity as a few other boats due to security regulations in the bay.
Yes, you can sleep on the upper deck if you wish, there are comfortable lounge chairs there. There are no mosquito nets available on the deck.
All the junks we provide has equipped cabins with en-suite bathroom and Fan or air-condition .
During the 2 days tour you’ll cruise along part of Cat Ba Island, but there is not stop. The only stop to Cat Ba Island is for trekking in the National Park on the 3 days tour. Price tour can be arranged as your request.
No. 1600 islands provide natural shelter in Halong bay, so it’s quite calm.
It takes 3 hours to get Halong city from Hanoi , one stopover.

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