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How to choose a right cabin on board

Question: How to choose a right cabin on a junk boat on Halong Bay?

Choosing a Halong Bay cruise cabin can be fun and challenging at the same time, and not just a little bit frustrating on occasion. Before booking your cabin on board, ask yourselves these questions:

Do you tend to get seasick?

Do you prefer to nest peaceably on your balcony rather than hangin' with the crowd around the bar area?

Conversely, is your idea of a stateroom simply a place to flop into bed at 1 a.m. -- no fancy notions necessary?

And do you, like me, tend to go just a little bit crazy if your bed faces aft when you know you're moving forward?

Despite the fact that some cruise lines present as many as 20 or more "categories" per ship, it's helpful to remember that there are essentially only four types of cabins on any cruise vessel:

Inside: no window, in an inside corridor

Outside: window or porthole with a view to the outside

Balcony: includes a verandah that allows you to step outside without going up to a public deck

Suite: a larger cabin, often with separate living and sleeping areas, and a wide variety of extra amenities and perks


Here are some examples for Halong Bay Cruise cabins:

The Au Co Cruise: there are 4 types of cabins, deluxe, grand deluxe, executive and suites.

The Paradise cruise: the are 3 types of cabins on board, including superior, deluxe and suite

The Bhaya Cruise: there are only 2 types of cabins on board: Deluxe and Suite

The Dragon Pearl Junk: there is even only one type of deluxe cabins

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Tips to the boat crew on Halong Bay

From: s55jce
Kent UK
reviews: 15“ Tipping on Cruise Boat? ”

We are doing a 2 night cruise in January.
Just wondering how much a person is a reasonable tip???
We want to be fair - not too much & not too little!  Not into the cruise scene but I hear tips are usually high!  Difficult - How long is a piece of string?????? Your experieces will be of great interst.
C in Kent uk

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Same same but different Vietnam Tour & Halong Bay cruises

im looking to visit Vietnam and see as much as i can ... but i dont want to be in high populated areas i dont want to be at the beach.. i love culture .. i love nature .. my wife and i are into biology ... and would love to see things like caves mountain area ... trekking is ok would love to visit alot temples and really see the religion of the regions .. and i dont want stay in any super fancy hotels ... i want something secluded something out of the way but still safe ... and something in nature its self ... i dont want to be in any big cities or metropolitan areas ... i would love to see small villiges and historical places that most tourists dont come to see i would like a guide to be with us the the whole time and i dont want to be with any others ... just me and my wife and our guide ... i dont know if u have costume tours or if u only have the set tours u offer ... but i want something costume fitted just to our needs ... and something i can do that is not with a crowed .. just us

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Find non-touristy cruises on Halong Bay

Dec 01, 2011, 9:08 PM
My husband and I (early 30s) are headed to Vietnam and would like to spend the night on a nice Junk Boat. We're looking for a comfortable experience, somewhat delux but not over-the-top luxury. Mostly, we don't want to feel like we're part of a tourist machine. Civilized but fun. Any thoughts? There are so many! Any help would be wonderful!

Los Angeles

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Is Halong Bay Junk suitable for small children?

Hi there,
We'll be travelling with our 3 & 1 year old daughters to HB in Oct. I'm looking for a junk which is suitable for families, esp with small children. Also one that sails off the 'normal' route...
Any information, greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance.

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Travel to Halong Bay in typhoon season

We are a family wanting to travel to Harlong Bay in October 2011. Many reviews say not to go during this time due to the Typhoon season. It would just be a day trip for us from Hanoi. Any comments would be appreciated!

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The biggest boat on Halong Bay

after reading a lot of reviews and I am still unsure
which junk is the biggest & luxurious boat?

Read More payment system for Halong Bay Cruise

We have been asked to pay our Cruise in Halong Bay by One-Pay and we have never heard of One-Pay before and wonder if it is ok and is it a common way to pay for cruises in advance? Thanks Pam

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Fishing at night on Halong Bay

posts: 81
reviews: 16“ reliable cruise with kayaking caves/fishing at night ”
Sep 30, 2011, 3:02 AM
I am looking to book 1 night two day cruise.
I really want to go kayaking in and around the caves/grottos. Go fishing at night with the crew as my hubby wants to do that. I can only find one company that does this, that is pinta cruises.
I have to book whilst I am over in Vietnam a few days beforehand, as my schedule is a bit here and there. Does anyone know of a company who does both the above that would cater for a 5 year old also. I need a least a few ideas for which boats as it will be a last minute booking, any advise would be great!

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Food poisoning on Halong Bay

Los Angeles
posts: 52“ Eating on Halong Bay Cruise ”

We are booked with a group for a tour of Halong Bay. It includes a seafood lunch. Just wondering how worried I should be about food preparation. I know not to eat "street food" but not sure what this would be classified as. Thanks

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Red Dragon Cruise 2 days

red dragon  cruises halong bay red dragon junk halong bay vietnam reviews

US$ 150

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2 days 1 night,Daily from Hanoi
Hà Nội
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