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Halong bay Guide

Halong Bay Tourism Organization

Halong Bay Tourism Organization

HalongBayGuides.Com would like to list some official Tourism Organizations on Halong Bay & Quang Ninh Province


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Glory Cruise Review

Read reviews from previous customers who have stayed on the Glory Cruises on Halong Bay

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Syrena Cruise Reviews

Has anyone booked and travelled with the Syrena Cruise on Halong Bay? Post your comments and feedback to us

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Calypso Cruises Halong Bay Review

Read reviews on Calypso cruises here
Calypso Cruise is operated by Oriental Sails, a subsidise of Hải Phong boat operator. This company is based in Bai Chay Town, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam.

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Cat Ba camping tour, camping cat ba island monkey island

Camping in Cat Ba

Overnight in basecamp near Cat Ba Island, Monkey Island, view our basecamp pictures, kayaking facilities, book at First Choice

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bike, biking tour cat ba island, catba hai phong, halong cat ba biking tour, trekking tour

Moutain Biking in Cat Ba

Biking in Cat Ba Island to visit Bee farm, cucupine farm, Trung Trang cave, Hospital cave

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Sailing in Cat Ba Island

Take a traditional Chinese fishing junk around the Cat Ba area to experience the beauty and tranquillity of the ocean sights surrounding the island and Ha Long Bay area. These junks, built in Pak Hoi in the picturesque fishing port of Apowan on Cat Ba Island, operate throughout the Bay of Along, on the waves of Fai Tsi Long, off the Norway Islands, or on the shoals of Bach Long Vi Islet in the middle of the Tonkin Gulf.

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ATM, banks in Halong, vietcombank quang ninh, vietcombank bai chay halong

Banks, ATM in Halong city

Find some banks, ATM, credit card regarding information- Halong city- Vietnam

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Ginger cruise, ginger halong, ginger halong bay, jinger halong, ginger cruises

Ginger Halong cruise reviews

Ginger cruise is daily operated by Cruise Halong Company, who owns also the Jasmine. Ginger is a 5 star cruise, however, it is quite old. Read reviews and comments on Ginger Cruise

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Phoenixe Cruise, Phoenixe cruises halong bay vietnam, phoenix halong bay, hanoi vietnam phoenix cruiser

Phoenix cruise reviews

Phoenix is a mid-range cruiser on Halong bay. A series of junk boat are run by South Pacific Travel. The boats are owned by Hoa Binh boat company, Thanh Hung Boat company and one of them, the Spice is of the tour operator

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Red Dragon Cruise 2 days

red dragon  cruises halong bay red dragon junk halong bay vietnam reviews

US$ 150

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2 days 1 night,Daily from Hanoi
Hà Nội
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 68 °F| 6 °C
Hạ long
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 72 °F| 22 °C
Condition:Light Rain
Temp: 72 °F| 22 °C
Đà Lạt
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 75 °F| 24 °C
Hồ Chí Minh
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 90 °F| 32 °C