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Halong bay Guide

Weather in Halong and when to go

Weather forecast for Halong bay trip in next few days, when to visit Halong bay?

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indochina sails cruise halong bay vietnam, hanoi halong bay tours on Indochina sails huong hai group

Indochina Sails cruise reviews

Indochina Sails, a luxury service of Huong Hai Junks, with 3 boats named Indochina Sails (1, 2, 3), if you have any questions and comments regarding the Indochina Sails, contact us

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paradise cruise, paradise cruises halong bay vietnam, paradise tuan chau port halong bay vietnam, paradise tourist whalf

Paradise cruise reviews

Paradise cruise is operated by Tuan Chau 5-star yatch company in Tuan Chau Island, launched in 2008, post your questions, share your experiences and read reviews from travelers

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Red Dragon cruise Halong Bay, red dragon junk halong bay

Red Dragon Cruise Reviews

Red Dragon Junk  is a brand new junk modeled on a circa 1700 Chinese boat. With 5 deluxe cabins, it can accommodate maximum 11 persons. Read the reviews from real travellers, post your questions and get replies

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Trekking in halong, Cat Ba Island

Trekking activity in Halong and Cat Ba

Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island is a destination for trekking. We suggest the trekking in Ban Sen Island, Quan lan Island, Cat Ba Island and Titov Island (short)

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Kayaking boat, kayaking in Halong, halong kayaking tour, halong bay kayak tours, travel by kayak boats

Kayaking on Halong Bay

Kayaking Tours to Halong Bay

We offer the highest-quality tours ofHalong from 2 to 5 days in length. The three-day tour is a nice compliment to our cycling tours or as a short side-trip from Hanoi. 

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rock climbing, rock halong bay, rock climb halong bay

Rock climbing in Halong

There are over 3000 limestone islands in the Ha Long bay region of Vietnam and we hardly scratched the surface in our two week quest to explore them. It's unusual to spend an entire climbing trip on a boat, but then it's unusual to do over 40 new routes without using a rope

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Fishing boat, van chai, tour danh ca ha long

Fishing in Halong bay & Bai Tu Long Bay

Fishing in Bai Tu Long bay- Vietnam: we arrange fishing tours fromHanoi toHalong bay and Bai Tu Long bay

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Bhaya cruise halong bay vietnam, bhaya cruises halong bay, bhaya sales office hanoi

Bhaya cruise reviews

Read reviews, comments, questions, answers regarding Bhaya cruise on Halong Bay- Vietnam

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Emeraude Classic Cruise Reviews Halong bay vietnam

Emeraude Classic Cruise Reviews

Tripadvisor user reviews for Emeraude Classic Cruise on Halong bay

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Red Dragon Cruise 2 days

red dragon  cruises halong bay red dragon junk halong bay vietnam reviews

US$ 150

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2 days 1 night,Daily from Hanoi
Hà Nội
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 68 °F| 6 °C
Hạ long
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 72 °F| 22 °C
Condition:Light Rain
Temp: 72 °F| 22 °C
Đà Lạt
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 75 °F| 24 °C
Hồ Chí Minh
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 90 °F| 32 °C